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About the gym

Started in 2010, MPOWERED is a locally owned, fully featured gym & fitness centre near downtown Saskatoon. With personal training, nutrition services, and more our goal is to make you your healthiest version of yourself you can possibly be.

Mpowered fitness

featured equipment

4 stack multi-station with cable crossover
Booty builder platinum
Power rack with lifting platform + bumper plates
Dumbbell rack
Open section with weight sled, gym mats, etc.
Cardio section (All commercial machines)
Freemotion dual cable cross
Inspire smith machine
Assisted pullup
Pec dec
Bench press
EzBar rack
Rowing machine
Cardio machines
Stepper machine
Fruit smoothies on a tray

The MPowered Pro Shop

The MPOWERED Pro Shop offers gym members a fast, delicious and convenient way to supplement their exercise program. A variety of fully prepped meals are available through Mealtime Now. These are well balanced meals designed to keep well in the fridge or freezer without sacrificing taste or nutritional value.

We also offer ice cold protein smoothies! All natural ingredients with 33g of protein (or more if you prefer) in each. Bottled refreshments are also available which include Gatorade, premiere protein, and bottled water. Finally, we have hot sauce available! "Feel the Burn" is MPOWERED's own Hot Sauce for those who like to get spicy!

Convenient Amenities

MPOWERED has a number of added amenities to improve your gym experience.

  • Private showers

  • Private lockers for rent

  • Phone charging stations

  • Free ice for your water bottle

  • Speedy wifi so your playlist keeps on flowing!

Gym front entrance
Mitch Gauvin

I'm mitch gauvin.

I grew up in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. My father brought me to a gym called the "Training Zone", when I was 14, and I have been "hooked" ever since. I was eager to learn to push the limits of what my body was capable of. I competed in 4 bodybuilding shows before I was 25, capturing 2nd place in two of them, 1st place at SABBA Provincials in June in 2009, earning the right to take the stage at Nationals in the heavyweight class in 2010.

Lifting weights and building the body had become a passion. I started spending most of my free time, learning and gaining experience in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. I started to get approached on a regular basis by individuals that wanted to improve their own body and wellness. It was then that I began to use what I have learned to help others. This gave me an amazing sense of accomplishment. Helping people to gain control and improve their lives through fitness and nutrition has become another passion of mine, and that's when I decided to make the career change and took up Personal Training as an occupation.

Mitch Gauvin Squats
Gym front entrance

Often people assume that MPOWERED stands for "Mitch Powered". I'll admit that there's maybe just a little Mitch-Power in there, but the M stands for Motivation. Motivation is what drives you to get away from what you don't want, and towards something you do want. Motivation is what is going to spark a behavior change. Harnessing your Motivation is what is going to help you create better habits for yourself and make them stick. Motivation is going to start you on the path to creating your own Power. This idea was how MPOWERED came together and I have done everything I can to 'MPOWER' people's lives ever since. .

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