Boutique fitness experience

Training Designed for you

The MPOWERED Personal Training System takes any and all factors into consideration when designing your personalized exercise plan.

For all experience levels

By using the MPOWERED Personal Training System, We can provide you with the guidance and knowledge to teach you how to use the equipment effectively and safely.

Overcome low motivation

You will be provided with methods for getting back your "Get up and go!" and be able to call on it at any time. Say goodbye to procrastination for good!

Get results you can see

MPOWERED can show you how to effectively and safely progress your program to get the results you are looking for and in less time. All we have is time, so we might as well use it wisely.

a plan you can stick to

MPOWERED can help you make that commitment and help you to stick to a realistic exercise regime that will become a new way of living.

Train like a pro

MPOWERED will help you safely and effectively train for a 10km, marathon, bike race, triathlon, powerlifting meet, bodybuilding show or many other activities/sports where you may want to improve your performance or game.

Get serious about change

Achieve your best self