Our Trainers

From their own personal starting points, our trainers have all enjoyed a journey to being fit, healthy people. They are passionate about giving their clients that same experience.

Mitch Gauvin

"A strong passion and a need to help are the fundamental feelings that led me to start MPOWERED."
I, Mitch Gauvin grew up in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. My father brought me to a gym called the "Training Zone", when I was 14, and I have been "hooked" ever since. 
Going to the gym and working out quickly became a passion and where I started spending most of my free time, learning and gaining experience, that I then began to use to help others, which gave me an extra sense of accomplishment on top of my own fitness furthering. 
I worked long hours pipelining and pipefitting throughout my Body Building competition year and worked hard to make it easier so that I could do what I love for a living.
This idea was how MPOWERED came together and I have done everything in my power to 'MPOWER' peoples lives ever since. Started this vision in 2010 and haven't looked back.
Competed in 4 Bodybuilding shows
Was coached by IFBB Pro Lyris Cappelle for each one
Took 2nd @ Novice in Light Heavyweight in Swift Current, April 2008. 
Captured 1st place at Provincials in Middleweight in Saskatoon, June 2009
Snagged 2nd @ Provincials in the Elite class in Regina May 2010
Competed at CBBF Nationals in Heavyweight in Saskatoon, August 2010

Stephanie Shewchuk

Positive energy, enthusiasm, honesty and integrity are values that underlay the foundation of Personal Trainer and Physical Education Specialist Stephanie Shewchuk.

Training with Stephanie is sure to bring positive results, however challenging as they may be, your overall wellbeing, fitness, and safety is always considered.

Her passion is converting clients from those focused on aesthetics into aspiring athletes with personal physical goals (i.e, rock climbers, marathon runners, figure skaters).

Focusing on becoming fit and testing your fitness will provide greater long term lifestyle changes and better acceptance of who you are, your self-esteem and your body.
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